Interactive language fluency sessions designed for your personal success

Harness the power of interactive video to bring native speakers to you.

What is fluency?

Fluency is understanding what you hear and being able to
answer quickly.

Fluency is having a vocabulary and grasp of grammar that
is as good as a native speaker or almost as good as a
native speaker.

Fluency is being able to work in the language at a high
level. At a high level means you could comfortably handle
making presentations, meeting clients and accurately
convey all the information you need to convey to clients in
the language without using google translate.

How to remain "OK" and not fluent in English forever

Becoming fluent in English without speaking it every day doesn't work. This is why people go abroad or do homestays. You know it doesn't work. Everyone knows it doesn't work.

When you're ready to do the one thing that will work; which is regularly speaking the language, we're ready with the conversations.

For serious language learners who want daily conversation practice, we offer 365 conversation practice sessions. This includes 65 Beginner Conversations, 200 Intermediate conversations and 100 Business conversations.

How to do a homestay abroad without leaving your house

Fluency Fix brings the native speakers to your phone or laptop with on-demand interactive conversation practice sessions. Each conversation practice section includes a back-and-forth conversation with our animated native speakers.

Our 4 Part Video Method

By emphasizing more speech and pronunciation in your practice sessions, our four-step language training program will give you the confidence to have everyday conversations in a variety of situations.

1) Preview it: A short movie demo of the conversation
2) Pronounce it: A chance to practice pronuncing all the words
3) Practice it: An interactive conversation with text on the screen
4) Product it: You doing the conversation without any text!

Let me repeat the obvious.

To become good at conversations, you must practice conversations; not drills, not writing activities, not quizzes, but regular daily conversations. The only thing that improves conversation skills is a lot of conversations. This sounds a bit obvious but a surprising number of people are trying to become fluent without daily conversations.

The fluent you is waiting.

From students, to business professionals, to foreigners calling a new country home, this practice-focused method has equipped and empowered people around the world to gain the confidence and knowledge they needed to accomplish their personal and professional language goals.